Christmas Decorations With Cricut [8 Home Decor Ideas To Try]

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5 min readDec 23, 2023
Christmas decorations with Cricut

Recently, I moved to my new home along with my family! My family and I are very excited to celebrate our first Christmas at our new home. As we all know, Christmas is all about gathering with our friends and family. Hence, I planned to organize a grand dinner party on Christmas Eve. Due to this, I was thinking of making Christmas decorations with Cricut. However, I have already made amazing decorative stuff that will grab the attention of everyone. Do you know what I made for my decorations? I made 8 different types of Cricut Christmas decor.

That you can make and use for your Christmas decorations.

In this blog, I will talk about all those decor ideas that will brighten my new home, adding the charm of Christmas. Above all, you will be able to make all the mentioned ideas with your Cricut cutting machine. Be it Cricut Joy or the Maker series, with Cricut, everything is possible. So, let’s delve into this blog to learn some of the fantastic Christmas decor ideas.

1. Vibrant Paper Wreath

Without a paper wreath, I can’t image decorating my home. The beautiful and intricately cut paper wreath gives a stunning look at the home door. Also, the Cricut machine is the best tool to cut paper. Since it provides a pro cutting, this is always my first choice for any decor or crafts. Be it Christmas decorations with Cricut or any other festive decor, I will always be choosing the Cricut as the best tool.

2. Christmas Theme Vinyl Candles

Now, you can add design to your candles as well. Yes, you heard that right! With Cricut, you can easily add vinyl decals. Just, you will need to create any design that you like using your Cricut Design Space app. Then, cut it using a machine. Finally, the vinyl will give your candle a fantastic look.

As you can see in the above picture, I have added different graphics on the other candles. Each candle looks unique on its own. And believe me, it will likely consume much time if you add the design using a pre-made SVG file.

3. Customized Sofa Cushion

The above picture shows the four sofa cushions that I have made using my Cricut Maker 3. On my sister-in-law’s suggestion, I used blue vinyl to create the designs. To my surprise, I was literally amazed by the final look! I really appreciate her for this valuable suggestion. Her suggestions worked really well.

So, if you are looking for Christmas decorations with Cricut, then try this sofa cushion. Above all, the sofa is the place where everyone will be gathering. Hence, you should never ignore this place.

4. Personalized Wooden Ornaments

Ornaments are the most beautiful decor ideas for our Christmas tree. Since I always give priority to eco-friendly materials, I used a thick piece of wood. Don’t worry; your Cricut machine can easily handle such material. But, Cricut Joy is not capable of cutting some specific materials such as fabric, wood, clipboard etc. So, if you are a nature lover like me, you should go with eco-friendly ornaments.

5. Colorful Paper Star Garland

This paper stars garland is the best mantle decor. I always wanted to make these stars using cardstock materials. The cardstock materials are easily foldable and can be cut using the Cricut cutting machine. Above all, you can use these paper stars anywhere at home. In addition to that, you can add this star on the top of the Christmas. Whether it is a Christmas Eve or birthday party, this will add a charm on the special days.

6. Door Decals

For my new home, this is how I have decorated my front door. I used vinyl material to crate beautiful door decals and also add the text “Merry Christmas.” Anyone who wants such Christmas decorations with Cricut can try these door decals. This project is the first thing at your house that will get the most attraction from people.

In addition, color plays an important role, so choose the color of your design wisely. Rest assured, you can also try different types of designs already available on the Cricut Design Space.

7. “Happy Christmas” Window Decals

Here, I made something for my window. Window decal is something I make every year on Christmas. But this year, I tried something unique using white, grey, and golden removable vinyl. It gives a visualization of a real scene and provides a full sense of the Christmas celebration.

However, the process of making this decal is so easy. First, you need to choose the design that you want to add and then cut it using the Cricut machine. In addition, you can even use your small cute Cricut Joy machine for cutting the decals.

8. Adorable Door Mat

And finally, the doormat; without this, my home decoration is incomplete. So, if you want to make something for your home, such as a doormat, then this idea is perfect. Despite all, I used a permanent adhesive vinyl on the mat as I didn’t want to wash it away with frequent washing. In addition, I cut the vinyl on my Maker 3 machine as the design was a little bigger in size.

Last words

That’s all in this blog! If you are a crafting enthusiast, you should try these ideas to show your crafting skills. For now, I have mentioned all the projects I made this year for the upcoming Christmas, and I am all set to decorate my new home. Whether it is a wreath or a door mat, I have provided all the different ideas that will take your home decoration to the next level. So, grab your Cricut machines & supplies now and start creating something wonderful for your Christmas decorations with Cricut.


How to use a Cricut template for Chrismas decoration?

follow the detailed steps below to get a Cricut template for your Christmas decorations:

  1. Launch the Design Space on your computer.
  2. Then, navigate to the Templates tool option located on the left side of the canvas.
  3. After that, scroll through the wide range of templates to find one.
  4. Once you select the template, you will get your template added to the canvas.
  5. Finally, you can resize, change the color, and edit your template.

How do I make my Christmas garland with Cricut?

The process is simple for making a Christmas garland. To learn how to make a star garland made of cardstock or paper, you need to follow the steps given below:

  1. Find a free garland design from the internet or Design Space.
  2. Afterward, you need to upload the design to the Cricut app.
  3. Next, customize the design as per your needs.
  4. Then, save the design because Cricut doesn’t offer an auto-save feature.
  5. Set the cutting mat and load the materials to cut.
  6. Finally, assemble the pieces together, and here your garland is ready!

What should I use to make Cricut ornaments for Christmas?

If you are making personalized wooden ornaments, then you need the following supplies:

  1. Cricut machines (anyone from the Maker, Explore, and Joy series)
  2. Wood slices in circular-shaped
  3. Adhesive vinyl
  4. Weeding tool
  5. Hot glue
  6. Materials
  7. Scissors
  8. Basic Cricut Toolset, and more.

The supplies depend on what you are making for your Christmas ornaments. However, machines and other Cricut tools are common for all types of projects.

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