How to Make Valentine’s Day Cricut Shirts: Complete Tutorial

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4 min readJan 29, 2024
Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts

Just a few days left, we will celebrate Valentine’s Day! Are you as excited as I am? If so, you might also be looking for the tutorial on how to make Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts. I have created many shirts, especially for gift purposes. These shirts are easy and simple to make on a Cricut cutting machine such as Maker, Explore, or Joy.

However, I did create a Cricut Valentine shirt myself using the Maker 3 and Joy. My friend Julie also helped me with this project as she wanted to create some shirts for herself or her loved ones. Although you won’t believe it, we are still making many of these shirts. Since the demand is high among our friends and family, we are working together to create these attractive shirts.

So, are you ready to make a personalized shirt with me? If so, let’s check out this blog to explore Cricut Valentine shirt ideas.

Step 1: Collect All the Essential Supplies

Julie and I recently finished making Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts for our family. I will show you the list of supplies I used for making shirts for my family members. Of course, I needed some basic tools to cut and design a shirt.

Here, let me show you the items I will use throughout this tutorial:

  • Cricut Joy or Maker
  • Smart Iron-on (Teal and Bright Pink color)
  • Weeding Tool
  • Everyday Iron-on in Purple (1 Roll)
  • Joy Standard 12” Mat
  • EasyPress
  • Cricut Mat
  • Baseball shirts for your family members

Once we have gathered these supplies, we can proceed with the next steps, where we will create a design in the Cricut app.

Step 2: Upload or Create a Design

I will show you the steps I followed while working on the shirt design. For this, I used my Design Space app to create or edit the design. So, make sure you have installed the Cricut app. Follow the steps to create a design:

  1. First, open the Design Space software on your computer.
  2. Go to the Shape from the left panel. Choose a Heart shape and add it to your canvas.
  3. Then, select the Heart shape and click Ctrl + C to copy the shape.
  4. Afterward, you have to press Ctrl + V to paste it.
  5. Drag one Heart shape over another to arrange it, as shown in the picture below.
  6. Choose the color for these shapes and then go to the Text option on the left.
  7. Now, you have to add the text you want to it.
  8. Once the design is ready, you must hit the Make It button.

Step 3: Adjust the Settings

For this design, I will not need a Cricut mat if I use a Smart Iron-on. However, I am using Everyday Iron-on and Smart Iron-on, so I will select the Manual option.

Look, you must do this setting just after clicking the Make It button. Once done, make sure you have selected each mat and clicked on the Mirror option to mirror your design. Note that any design that includes texts must be mirrored.

Step 4: Cut and Weed Out Your Design

Now, I’ll show you how to cut Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts using Cricut Joy. Before that, I feed the iron-on to my machine. Don’t forget to measure the materials that you are putting inside the machines. It must be sufficient to be transferred onto your project. So, ensure the cut is perfect.

Once I cut the design, I started weeding it using my weeding tool.

Finally, when I finished the weeding, I moved to my Cricut Heat Guide. With this app, I will adjust the correct settings based on the materials I used. Then, you have to follow all the directions in the app to press the EasyPress on your shirt.

Here, I will press twice because it is a layered project. For this, I will put the first heart, then press the second heart, and again press it. After that, let the shirt cool down. Once it is cool, peel it.

Next, I am placing my new layer here, ensuring it is exact! Afterward, press it, and then it is done! Whoa!

The above steps will also be the same for other family members’ Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts.


What are the different ideas to make a Cricut Valentine shirt?

Numerous ideas are available for Valentine’s shirts that can help you elevate the Valentine’s celebration with your loved ones. Here are a few examples of texts that you can try on your shirts:

  1. I Love You shirt
  2. Love with Heart shape shirt
  3. Red Love shirt
  4. You’re My Type shirt
  5. Love You Forever Shirt
  6. Hello Love Shirt

Can I make a Valentine’s Day shirt on Cricut Joy?

Absolutely, yes! But make sure your design fits your machine and T-shirt. In addition, Cricut Joy is one of the best machines to make custom shirts. Hence, I consider it handy as it can easily provide professional cuts in a few minutes. So, whether it is a Valentine’s shirt or any other shirt, you can easily make or cut the design for shirts.

What are the must-have supplies to make Valentine’s shirts?

The supplies or tools are very helpful in any project. However, you can find the must-have supplies as follows for your Cricut shirt:

  • Cricut Machine (Maker or Explore or Joy series)
  • Design Space
  • Blank T-shirts
  • Cricut Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • EasyPress
  • Weeding Toolset
  • Fine Point or Premium Point Blade

Final Words

Ultimately, I will conclude that this blog discusses the basic steps to create or cut designs for Valentine’s Day Cricut shirts. I have explained the process of making shirts in 4 easy steps so that anyone, including beginners, can understand. Be it your lover’s shirt or a family member’s. You can easily make them on Cricut without giving it a second thought!

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