How to Use Cricut Venture: A Step-by-Step Guide

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5 min readJan 10, 2024
how to use cricut venture

Are you ready to take your creativity to the next level? By learning how to use Cricut Venture, you can create stunning 3D projects that are sure to bring magic to your home or workspace. This revolutionary tool introduces the crafter to a different world of the craft industry. After hearing about this product, I instantly added it to my art room. While accessing this Cricut product, I realized that it can not only cut but also score, foil, and write on compatible materials.

Besides, this craft machine supports Design Space software that helps the crafter design several customized projects. Also, this Cricut machine inspired me to start my own business and helped me in expanding the business. In this tutorial, you will get a brief overview of designing personalized paper flowers with this craft machine.

How to Setup a Cricut Venture on Your Computer?

In this part of the blog, I have to make you learn about setting up this smart cutting machine. With the successful setup process, the DIYer will be capable enough to design any project very quickly. Look at the pointers shared below:

  1. Begin the process by switching on your craft machine and plugging it in with a power outlet.
  2. After that, connect your Cricut product to your computer with a USB port or pair it wirelessly.
  3. Following this, open your web browser and go to Design Space’s official setup page.
  4. Next, install the Cricut app, create your Cricut ID, and start setting up your machine.
  5. Finally, when the setup comes to an end, you will be called for a test cut.

After concluding the setup process, let’s get started by making you learn about making a personalized craft out of this Cricut product.

How to Use Cricut Venture for Making a Custom Gift Box?

Summing up the craft machine setup, it’s my responsibility to make you learn about utilizing the cutting machine and design DIY projects. You can take a glance at the below steps and make a project within a few minutes:

Step 1: Cricut App Login and Draw a Design

I am going to start the process of making a customized project out of this Cricut product by downloading Design Space. After getting the app, you need to log in by filling in the credentials inside the specific field.

Now, you need to tick the New Project option and then press the Images given under the Menu section. Following this, tap the Browse All Images option and select 3D under the Project Type dropbox.

After that, choose the appropriate image from the gallery. Further, hit the Add to Canvas, and the design will automatically transfer to your canvas. Now, resize your design and tick the Ungroup after right-clicking on it.

While learning how to use Cricut Venture to make a do-it-yourself project, delete the extra pieces that you are not going to use while making the chocolate box. Afterward, take all the remaining designs, place them on each other, and highlight them with a square. Next, right-click and hit the Group option.

Also, change the height and width of the design by ticking the lock icon and changing the dimensions from the drop-box. Next, ungroup the design and click the Make It option.

Step 2: Load the Material Into Your Cricut Venture

With the finalization of the chocolate box design on the Cricut app, check that the design is properly designed on the mat preview page. After cross-verifying the entire design, tap the Continue option. Following this, unbox the cutting mat and material that you are going to use while making the project. Next, press the Cricut icon, and your Cricut Venture smart cutting machine will open.

In addition, load your Cricut cutting mat into your craft machine and hit the Go button to begin the crafting process. Once your Cricut Venture machine starts beeping, unload the material and place it on the other side of the table.

Step 3: Fold Score Lines & Cover Your Design

After your cutting machine finishes the cutting process, fold your design score lines into perfect alignment. Ensure that you keep the box score line equally in the correct margin and use the scoring tool for proper alignment.

Also, take your paper and trim its extra side using the Cricut trimmer. After doing that, fill in your Cricut glue gun with solid adhesive and put the glue all over the design and around the corner. Now, take the other half of the box and cover the design using glue and paper.

Step 4: Assemble Design Pieces

In the last step of how to use Cricut Venture, fold one side of the box and apply glue over it. Now, take another box and stick its one side on the top of the glue. Following this, perform the same steps again of sticking the remaining sides of the box with each other using the same glue gun and adhesive. However, remember to gently press the area for proper alignment and avoid any bubbles.

After assembling all the pieces that are made out of your Cricut product, you can now use it for carrying candies, cakes or other items while attending any occasion or event.

That’s all! It will take you almost 30 minutes to make this extra-large box out of your craft machine. Apart from this DIY box, you can also create severe custom projects out of this Cricut product with a snap of the fingers for various events. Since you’ve grabbed details on how to use Cricut Venture, it will be beneficial for you to unleash your creativity and even start a new business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Software Do I Need While Using Cricut Venture?

In order to get the desired craft out of your cutting machine, it’s relevant for all DIYers to download Cricut Design Space. It is a companion app that runs together with the cutting machine and helps the crafter in making the design using its library. Other than that, the software is compatible with PCs and smartphones and offers monthly/ yearly subscription plans.

Which Supplies Do I Need to Make an Extra Large Box With Cricut Venture?

If you are a DIYer and want to make an extra large box, then you need to buy the following supplies. It will help them in molding the project as per their requirements and choice. Have a look at the names below:

  1. Cricut Venture cutting machine
  2. Cricut material
  3. Design Space software
  4. Cricut cutting mat
  5. Cricut trimmer
  6. Glue gun & adhesive solid glue
  7. Scoring stylus

How Can I Create a Project With My Cricut Venture?

Answer: Read the following steps and create an extra large box out of the Venture machine:

  1. Go to the Cricut sign-in page and log in with your Cricut ID & password.
  2. Now, create your design using tools & other functions.
  3. After making your design, load your material into the cutting machine.
  4. Next, fold your score lines and cover design using your paper.
  5. Finally, your project is all ready and set to be used for events.

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